FAQs - Health Care Fund

Q: How can I get a refund for medical expenses already incurred?
A: The Supplementary Health Care section is only enabled for companies that have signed up to the Health Care Fund. If you find the section on the platform, it means that your company has activated the Health Care Fund. Employees are free to sign up or not and the membership fee is € 10 a year, which will be charged together with the first health care package purchased. After purchasing the package, you will be able to access the supplementary health care portal on the SEB portal. Follow the instructions given in the document in the Annexes section to find out which types of expenses and documentation are accepted. You can immediately start uploading your medical expenses to the SEB portal for reimbursement. From the moment you present the reimbursement documentation, it will take approximately 60 days for you to receive the credit on your current account

Q: How long is the health care package valid for? What happens if I don’t use the whole amount in the package by the expiry date?
A: The Health Care Fund package is valid for 12 months, but you will be notified about any exceptions agreed with your company when you sign up

Q: Are there any time windows within which to sign up for the supplementary health care?
Q: No, with our Health Care Fund you can sign up at any time of the year.

Q: Can I request refunds for medical expenses incurred for my family members?
A: Yes, but remember to list your family members in the Profile section of the Randstad platform first.

Q: When must the medical expenses I submit for a refund be dated?
A: They must be dated in the current year.

Q: What expenses can I submit for a refund?
A: check the services and refunds allowed by the chosen package in the section: supplementary health care/SEB health and well-being/annexes

Q: I need assistance from the Health Care Fund platform, what are the contact details?
A: you can contact the following: 800 978 409 (+39 0141.32.45.37 from abroad) Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 17.30