FAQs - Expense refunds

Q: What do I need to attach for refunds?
R: The following are needed to check that the refund request conforms to requirements:

  • supporting documents for the expenses incurred, stating the personal details of the family member for whom they were incurred;
  • document proving payment.
  • a duty stamp (€ 2) is required for tax receipts for over € 77.47, unless: the amount already includes VAT or the establishment/person is exempt (article 17, Legislative Decree 446/1997). If this is the case, it must be specifically stated in the document.

D: When must the document I use to request the refund be dated?
A: You can request a refund for expenses incurred in the same year as you complete the request or the previous year, provided that they were not already refunded via your tax return (form 730).

Q: Where and when will I receive the refunds I have requested?
A: Validated refund requests will be sent monthly to your company, which will include them in your pay packet for the month following the request (you may be notified by your company of any exceptions to this rule during the plan start-up phase).

Q: What happens if my refund request is rejected?
A: You will receive an email stating the reason for the rejection and any tips for resubmitting it correctly. The amount of the rejected request will be automatically credited back to your welfare account.

Q: Does my request have to state the same figure as appears on the invoice for which I am requesting a refund?
A: No, the request can state a figure equal to the amount on the invoice or smaller. Only the amounts available in your welfare account will be credited to you pay packet.

Q: Can expenses refunded via the platform be entered in the annual tax return (form 730/Single Certification)?
A: Expenses refunded by converting your Welfare Credit are not tax deductible. If the expense incurred was greater than the balance available in your Welfare Credit, only the difference can be entered (e.g. if you incur expenses, net of refunds, of 630 euros during the year, and the refund obtained by converting the Welfare Credit is 200 euros, you can only deduct 430 euros)


  • To get a refund for school text books, a list of the books required by the school is needed plus proof of payment. For university text books, proof of enrolment must be provided.
  • Refunds for school enrolment and attendance expenses require supporting documents (invoice, receipt, payment slip) in addition to the document proving payment.
  • Refunds for babysitting, activity camp and play centre expenses require supporting documents (invoice, receipt, payment slip) in addition to the document proving payment.
  • Refunds for travel expenses require proof of the season ticket purchased in addition to the document proving payment.
  • Refunds for expenses incurred to support elderly or non self-sufficient family members require supporting documents proving the type of expense incurred (care home fees, carer invoices, residential health care establishment invoices...) and proof of payment. Documents must state the details of the family member for whom the expense was incurred.