FAQs - services

D. How can I request a different package from the one shown on your portal?
A: You can ask the partner to issue a free personalised quotation for the service that suits you best. The partner will send you a quotation within 48 hours and, if it is acceptable to you, you can add it to the partner’s “genera voucher” [generate voucher] section.

Q: I attend a gym, can I pay for the membership using the Welfare account?
A: Search for the available gyms among those listed on the platform by accessing the Partner pages in the “Sport and Wellness" section. On the FitPrime page, you will find thousands of gyms throughout the country. Use the search filters to find the one closest to you where you can use the welfare account and follow the instructions to purchase the membership. If you haven’t found the gym you want, follow the instructions on the FitPrime page to ask us to include it in the catalogue. You'll find more details of the service on the FitPrime page.

Q: What do I need to do after purchasing the package?
A: You will receive the voucher to present to the approved partner in the “orders" area of the profile.

Q: I bought the package but haven't received the voucher, what can I do?
A: check whether the email has ended up in your spam or junk mail folder. If it isn’t there, please contact our support team.

Q: My welfare account doesn't cover the package I want to buy, what can I do?
A: Legally, packages cannot be supplemented with your own money. You could request a personalised quotation that corresponds to your balance.

Q: What kind of document will I receive as proof of the purchase made via the portal?
A: You will receive a voucher in your name that cannot be transferred nor converted into cash, does not entitle you to receive any change and must be used by the expiry date only at the establishment and for the specific service requested without additional charges to be paid by the holder.