FAQs - voucher

Q: What is the voucher spending limit?
A: The annual limit established by law for 2020, to avoid the voucher counting towards your income, is € 516.46.

Q: How can I order and receive my chosen vouchers?
A: Choose the gift card in the “Vouchers" section, complete the purchase and download the voucher containing the code and terms of use from the “download” section. 

Q: Can I request meal vouchers?

A: on the platform you can request Pellegrini gift vouchers for a maximum of € 516, which you can use anywhere in Italy. You can request these in the “vouchers" section

Q: Where can I spend the gift cards?
A: Each brand specifies how gift cards can be spent in its terms of use.

Q: what brands of vouchers/gift cards do you have in your catalogue?
A: the Randstad Welfare platform lists 100 of the most famous brands: go to the vouchers section and search using the category filters to select the ones you’re interested in.

Q: Can I cancel a request for a voucher I have already entered?
A: The gift card is issued in real time so you cannot delete or cancel a voucher that has already been issued.