FAQs - welfare around you

Q: Can I use the credit for travel?
A: Definitely, the travel service is available in cooperation with the main tour operators operating across the country for travel in Italy and abroad. You can choose from among the many travel packages already available or request a personalised package using the “request a quotation" service. Once the chosen journey has been requested, Randstad Welfare will issue a voucher you will have to present to the establishment.

Q: Can you pay for travel on my behalf on sites like Booking, E-Dreams, Expedia or flight, ferry, train tickets?
A: We cannot make purchases on your behalf from websites. We recommend that you request a quotation from an agency/tour operator among those available on the platform and, if you are interested, upload the quotation to receive the voucher to spend for your personalised trip.

Q: How does the specific purchase request work?
A: Enter your request in the appropriate section, including a quotation from your chosen establishment. We will contact the establishment and approve the partner to allow you to purchase the service. We will then supply you with the voucher to be used at the establishment.

Q: Can you use my welfare account to pay for medical treatment I receive from my doctor?
A: Attach your doctor’s quotation and we will contact them for the approval and purchase of the treatment you requested. Once the purchase is made, you will receive the voucher you need to present in order to receive the service.