FAQs - pension

Q: How can I allocate my welfare account to my pension fund?
A: In the “pension" section, you can choose how much to allocate and to which fund. Remember that it must be an active pension fund.

Q: After I’ve made my choice, how long does the payment take?
R: The payment will be made by your Company the month after validation of the request on the Randstad Welfare portal.

Q: I have decided not to leave my TFR [severance pay] with the Company and have signed up to a supplementary pension fund, can I pay into this fund?
A: You can ask for payment to be made into a supplementary fund by giving us the details needed to transfer the funds (name of the fund, IBAN ..)

Q: Can I allocate my wallet to supplementing my house/life insurance policy?
R: No, the law only allows the welfare plan amount to be allocated to the pension fund.