Randstad Welfare Privacy Notice

Randstad is committed to protecting your Personal Data. It therefore pays the utmost attention to guaranteeing their management and security in accordance with privacy legislation requirements (e.g. EU Regulation 679/2016).
This notice states who we are, the purposes for which we may use your data, how we manage them, to whom they could be communicated (e.g user companies, Randstad Group companies, public bodies, etc.), where they could be transferred and what rights you have.

Who will process my data?

Your data will be processed, as Joint Data Controllers, by the following Randstad Group companies in Italy, with registered office at Via Roberto Lepetit 8/10 - 20124 Milan - Tel. +39 02 989871- Fax +39 02 93650286: Randstad Italia S.p.a, Randstad Group Italia S.p.a, Randstad HR Solutions S.r.l. (hereinafter "Randstad").
In providing Corporate Welfare services (hereinafter “Services”) via the Randstad Welfare Platform (hereinafter “Platform”), Randstad Italia S.p.A. may also receive personal data from companies benefiting from the Services (hereinafter "Client Companies") relating to their employees for the purposes described below.
With regard to these activities, Randstad informs you that, if you are an employee of a Client Company, the Data Controller of your personal data is the Client Company, your employer, who can be contacted using the details given in its privacy notice. With reference to these activities, Randstad operates as a Data Processor on the basis of a specific Agreement on the processing of personal data signed with the Client Company that establishes the rules and instructions for the processing of your personal data.
The Randstad Group has appointed its Personal Data Protection Officer, who can be contacted at the address of the Data Controller or through the "Contact Us" section on the website www.randstad.it.
The list of External Personal Data Processing Managers data is available at the registered office of the Randstad Group.

Why do you need my data?

The Platform is a tool used to provide corporate welfare services to Randstad employees and the employees of Client Companies.
Randstad will therefore use your data for:

  1. Purposes connected with the provision of corporate welfare services. Your data will be processed to: offer you a series of “goods and services” intended to satisfy your personal and family’s needs and improve your well-being; manage your requests, ensure the correct provision of services and verify any technical problems related to the management of your account on the Platform; fulfil accounting and tax obligations; notify you when new Randstad Welfare partners are available, update you on the Services offered and any new features available; prevent or expose fraud or abuse to the detriment of our website; conduct analyses and monitoring of the welfare plan.
  2. Purposes connected with marketing activities. With your specific consent, your data will be processed for: market research; economic and statistical analysis; satisfaction surveys; sending advertising/information/promotional material on services and products.

Randstad will carry out the processing:

  • with your consent;
  • because it is necessary to provide the services offered and fulfil the contract with you and/or your Employer;
  • because it is necessary to comply with legal obligations to which we are subject (e.g. accounting obligations);
  • because the processing is necessary to pursue a legitimate interest (e.g. prevention of fraud or abuse to the detriment of our website);

Consequently the provision of personal data is mandatory for the purposes set out in point 1.

The purposes referred to in point 2 do not derive from a legal obligation and granting the respective consents is optional.

If you are a Randstad employee, the data processed are the same as those provided by you in the fulfilment of your employment contract, as well as any data relating to your family members for whom you wish to request a service/refund.

If you are an employee of a Client Company, for the purpose of uploading your data to the Platform, Randstad will receive and process from the Client Company your personal data, any data of your family members for whom you wish to request a service/refund, and the bonus amount assigned to you.

We will not use your personal data for purposes other than those described in this statement without informing you in advance and, where necessary, obtaining your consent.

How will you use my data?

Randstad aims to protect the personal data entrusted to it, processing them in a proper, lawful and transparent way. You are therefore informed that your personal data will be processed, using tools and procedures suited to guaranteeing maximum security and confidentiality, by means of hard copy archives and media, with the help of digital media, computer and electronic communication systems.

For how long will you keep my information?

Your personal data will be kept, from the date of receipt/update, for a period consistent with the processing purposes stated above and in accordance with current regulations, after which they will be deleted or made anonymous. For more information, particularly about the criteria used to determine this period, see the appropriate privacy section at www.randstad.it.

Will you share my information with other parties?

Your Data may be disclosed to companies in the Randstad Group (in Italy and in Europe) and its affiliates, and to third parties [including Professionals, Public Bodies, Auditing or Supervisory Bodies], to fulfil obligations under national laws and regulations, as well as European legislation, or to manage and fulfil the contractual relationship. Your data will also be shared with third parties who carry out technical/administrative services on our behalf.
/The Data will also be processed by internal personnel at the offices of the Group Companies who are authorised to process the Data, in the context of the activities performed to fulfil the purposes stated herein.
Please also note that the data gathered and processed via the Platform may be disclosed to your Employer to comply with tax obligations. This is necessary to ensure that, for purposes connected with refunding expenses incurred in previous tax periods, the latter can obtain and store the documentation proving the use of the sums by its employee.

Your personal data are not subject to disclosure.

Will you transfer my data outside the European Union?

For all the purposes stated in this notice, your Data of a common nature may also be transferred abroad, inside and outside the European Union, in compliance with the rights and guarantees stated in current legislation, subject to verification that the country in question guarantees an “adequate” level of protection, or where the Randstad Group has established adequate contractual standards to protect your data.

What are my rights?

With reference to your personal data being processed for the purpose of providing the Services, you will be entitled to request, at any time, using the contact details provided in the “Who will process my data?” section:

  • access to your personal data;
  • their correction if they are inaccurate;
  • their deletion;
  • limitation of their processing;

You will also have:

  • the right to object to their processing:
    1. if they are being processed for a legitimate interest of Randstad;
    2. if they are being processed for direct marketing purposes;
  • the right to their portability, i.e. to receive the personal data you provide in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

Finally, you will have the right to lodge a complaint with the Italian data protection authority (Garante Privacy). For further information, see the appropriate privacy section at www.randstat.it.

Can I withdraw my consent after having given it?

Yes, you can at any time withdraw your consent given for purpose 2 without however:

  • affecting the lawfulness of the processed based on the consent given before the withdrawal;
  • affecting any further processing of the same data for other legal reasons (e.g. contractual obligations or legal obligations to which Randstad is subject).

I still have some questions"¦

For further information about this notice or any privacy issue, or if you wish to exercise your rights or withdraw your consent, use the contact details provided in the “Who will process my data?” section. For further information, see the appropriate privacy section at www.randstat.it.